Doing A Beautiful Thing

Hello, again beloved friends. Thank you for joining me to look at the events of the week that lead to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. I hope that you will be encouraged to prepare your heart for the celebration of Easter, to make yourself ready to give unhindered praise and prayer


On Monday, we looked back at Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Sunday the first day of the week. For Tuesday we focused on the parable of the fig tree often overlooked in scripture. And, yesterday we watched Jesus observe the people at the temple as they presented offering and learned that He is more concerned with the giver than the size of the gift. If you missed these, check them out HERE.



A Day For Rest

Today, Wednesday, in scripture is a relatively quiet day for Jesus and His disciples. The gospel of Mark indicates He remained in Bethany; perhaps to rest in preparation for the Passover coming in two days. 


Let me ask you a question, please. If you were traveling with Jesus during this week, what one thing would you do to honor Him? Sorry, two questions: what would you give Him as a gift? Maybe you would give Him an expensive gift or pour out your gratitude in words?  



A Beautiful Thing

All four gospels include Mary’s anointing of Jesus. Combining the four we find that she anointed both his head and feet with the oil from an alabaster jar. As the Judas points out,  its worth was more than a year’s wage. Her act of love and devotion filled the air with the fragrance of sacrifice. 


Mary, the sister of Lazarus, listened to Jesus and believed when He said that His death was coming soon. She, of course, knew that traditionally the dead were treated with fragrant oils. However,- prophecy says that His body would never see corruption. She hoped to anoint his body before His death, not after. 


She has done a beautiful thing to me. 
Mark 14:6



Letting Go of Glory

Mary often sat at Jesus’ feet listening and learning, so it is no surprise that at His feet she offered her glory as she wiped His feet with her hair. A woman’s hair is her glory, and she laid hers at the feet of Her Savior. She submitted any honor she might have to the only One who is worthy of all praise and adoration. 


What will you give Jesus? I encourage you to ask God to search your heart and uncover the one thing that you hold dear. Would you give that to Jesus?  Would you surrender everything to Him?


Mary did not know the events that were about to unfold, but through her faith and love for Jesus, she was not worried about the next day. Her only focus was honoring Jesus in that moment. 


Mary offered Jesus any glory or honor or praise that might come to her. Because of her faith and trust in Jesus to care for her gift, she is not forgotten. She is still honored today for her display of abundant love and devotion. 


Truly I tell you, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, 
what she has done will also be told, in memory of her. 
Mark 14:9




Friday Is Almost Here


As Friday approaches, my heart beats a little faster. I think it’s because I find it difficult to fathom the pain and torment Jesus experienced on my behalf. Or, perhaps because I  know how the story ends–with a risen Christ. Today, I encourage you to continue praying and preparing your heart and consider how, out of the great love for you, Jesus gave His most precious gift for you.  


Father, all honor and glory and praise is yours. You are the One True God. Prepare our hearts and minds for the coming days as we remember the sacrifice of Jesus and the gift of life through His resurrection. Search us and show us what parts of ourselves we have yet to surrender and give us the strength to offer any glory we receive to You as an act of love and devotion. Amen.



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