Move Away From This Mountain: When It’s Time To Move From Comfort to Purpose

Happy New Year, all!

I know that greeting is a bit late, but it’s still January, so I’m not too late. And I apologize. I’ve been out of the social media scene for a while (longer than I expected actually), but I’m glad to be writing to you again.

I’ve spent the last couple of months wrestling with God. Yes, wrestling. I’ve known for a while that He wanted me to do something different, but I resisted. Why? Because I was comfortable. The task He is asking me to take on is not comfortable, and I like my comfort. God is leading me to expose some hidden things of my life, and I am not comfortable doing so. Why? Because He is leading me to share my redemption story with you and it’s very messy.

And I’m scared. I am afraid, like most, of rejection and judgment.

So, I have wrestled with God, hoping He would relent. But He did not. God is relentless.

What I have been writing about in blog posts and sharing on social media is comfortable. For about five years, I have been writing about some of my favorite topics, and I hope you found the words to be encouraging. Thank you to all of the faithful subscribers and followers. My writing has been about the subjects and topics that I needed to read, as well. I was comfortable.

But, as God told the Israelites camped at the foot of Mount Horeb,

“It’s time to move from this place.” (Deuteronomy 1:6)

God’s people were camped at the foot of Mount Horeb (or Mount Sinai) for about a year following some difficult times. But Moses tells the people that God says it’s time to move on from the difficulty and head toward Canaan, the heavenly Promised Land. This command is not a “pull yourself up by the bootstrap” kind of command either. It’s a promise of something better. Take a look at verse 8,

See, I have given you this land. Go in and take possession…”

Take Hold of Your Inheritance

God is telling the Israelites through Moses that He has already given them the land. Now, they must leave their comfortable place and grab hold of their inheritance. He is not saying it’s going to be easy and as we read further, there are some pretty messy battles. But God said over and over, “Do not fear, for I am with you.”

God has been telling me to move on into the new territory He has already prepared. I will try not be frightened and trust Him to clear the way.

Do you hear God whispering an invitation to move toward your inheritance? Are you afraid?

In these verses of Deuteronomy, I hear God telling me to exchange one dream for another. Exchange the dream of comfort for the dream of telling your story that it may help others find healing. Exchange my dream for His.

Then and Now

My dream has always been to encourage and minister to women through writing.

My heart is especially bent toward women with a prodigal or painful past.

Why? Because I have one, too. Before God pulled me from the slimy pit, I was living a life I am not entirely proud of, but God…

Rescued me.

Washed me.

Redeemed me.

And sat my feet on solid ground.

But things were not all sunshine and roses. There was more work to be done. Enter a breakdown that led to a breakthrough. I needed some help, so God…

Sent me to get healing—emotional, spiritual, and mental healing.

I recently completed a three-year journey looking for and finding healing, and now I’m ready to share that journey with you, specifically women who are survivors of

sexual abuse,

addiction and abortion,

and a host of other secrets that keep us in shame.

Why? Because God needs you to know that healing is possible, even from the worst of painful stories. He wants to redeem your life. I am living redeemed proof that He heals and has a purpose for our healing.

Has God been speaking to your heart? Perhaps, it’s time to move away from the shadow of comfort and step out into the light of God’s healing.

Time For A Change

Beginning in February, Living One Word will undergo a transition. I am exchanging my comfortable dream for God’s plan. He has stirred in me a desire to minister to women who have been through the same struggles I have survived.

I want to build a place where women are encouraged, yes, but also begin a community of healing women. Healing happens in community with other people who can say, “me, too,”

or “the same thing happened to me,”

and “this is what helped me.”

A community of sharing our pain, progress, and purpose.

My goal is to open private groups so we can connect, provide healing and helping resources, and build a place to share your healing journey stories. Your story of healing may be precisely what someone else needs to read or hear to begin their personal journey toward healing. (I’ll start with mine to come in future posts.)

We All Need Healing

We all have scars and wounds that only God can bind. If not, first, praise Jesus. Then, maybe you know someone who is a survivor. Statistically, one in three women is sexually assaulted before the age of 18. That’s only the ones who report. Also, one in six women sitting beside you in church has chosen abortion. And I don’t have to tell you that addiction of all kinds that invades our homes and churches. Women everywhere are hurting. So, if you are not touched, praise God. If you are, join me to find your voice.

Some of you may not find the transition fits your needs, and I get that. I understand. But perhaps you know someone who needs this kind of community. Please share with them. Maybe just knowing they are not alone is the first step to healing.

Again, thank you to all of the faithful subscribers and followers. Without you, I would not be writing. I need you. So, until the next step towards God’s plan, I am praying you are ready to move from the mountain.

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