Finding courage to live
rescued, redeemed and restored.


I’m so thankful you stopped by today. I am a Christian writer who wants women with a story-book past or a prodigal story to know they are seen and loved.

If you’re like me:

● What you want most is to know God loves you.
● You want to grow in your relationship with Christ and need some practical steps to get there.
● What you desperately desire is to replace lies with truth.
● You need the courage to live the life God redeemed and restored.

I understand how you feel! After living too long under the lies that I was not good enough for God to love, He rescued and redeemed what I thought I completely lost—learning to live that restored life takes grace, time, and courage.

Most days, it means grabbing onto one word from God, one passage of scripture, one truth to replace a hundred lies. It means finding the courage to live one word–loved.

I hope you will join me. 

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