What Am I Worth?

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

Matthew 10:29-31

How do you determine your worth? Is it your successes, your failures, your job, your bank account? How about your kids, your spouse or your home? Do you try to determine your worth by what others say of you? Do you measure up to world standards?

In so many of my conversations with other women, there is one question most women have a hard time answering. What is my worth? This question is especially hard for women like me, women who chose a sinful path and destructive habits. We have a difficult time determining our value in the world, to our families, and to God. However, God has put a price tag on us, and the price is far higher than any earthly treasure.

What if you look to your position in life to give you value? A mother, perhaps. According to Salary.com, stay at home moms should be paid over $143,000 a year for all they do; that includes overtime! That’s more than most women who work outside the home. Without a doubt, mothers are valuable. They would be paid a high price for taking care of their children.

A lot of women look for their worth in their appearance. The right clothes, the best makeup, and the perfect physical self, gives them a sense of worth. The higher the price tag of these things, the more important we may feel.

Maybe a woman looks for value in what she does for others? Volunteer work, giving of their time and talents, doing things for others. You can’t put a price tag on sharing.

Some women look for their worth in other people. If your husband, friends, and acquaintances find us to be valuable, you could feel priceless. In my teens and twenties, I searched for my worth in other people. If a person seemed to like me, then I thought I was worth something, at least to that person, and that’s all I needed. My personality and appearance would morph into that person’s likes and dislikes. I could be anyone they wanted me to be. Wrongly I believed that I had no value, so I had to take on someone else’s. I felt like my price tag had been reduced.

All of these price tags, both the good and the bad, will never reflect our real value. Our worth does not come from this world. Today you may be the most valuable person in the world, but just one small defeat or crisis and you could topple to the bottom of the heap and start searching again for your fragile value.

Lasting value does not come from people, jobs or bank accounts, nor from what we do for others or what people do to us.

We are priceless because God says we are. We are his masterpiece, His beloved, His daughter.

In Matthew 10, we find Jesus encouraging the disciples not to fear the persecution that will come. They are about to be rejected by the leaders and by the people hearing the gospel. Rejection can shatter our self-worth. Jesus says don’t be afraid of these people. They may be able to hurt you on the outside, but they can never change who you are to God. Don’t be afraid of the people who reject you or try to hurt you. Instead, be in awe of the One judges rightly.

To make his point, Jesus reminds the disciples they are important to God. Sparrows were a cheap source of food. You could get two for a penny, and make a cheap dinner. However, not one sparrow falls from the sky without God’s knowledge or will. If He has his eye on a seemingly insignificant sparrow whose value is less than a penny, then imagine, if you can, how valuable you are to Him. God has his eye on you and sees you at all times.

If that were not enough, Jesus gives another example of how important you are to God. God counts every hair on your head. There are over 5 million hairs on your head, yet God knows exactly how many. Think about that. That is a specific detail that no one on this earth knows about you, you don’t even know, but God does. That’s how important, how valuable you are to God.

No matter what the world tells you about your value. What you do and who you are may be valuable. Or, like the disciples, rejection has shattered your sense of value, and you may feel like you don’t matter.

God sees you for your real worth. His love for you has made you a treasure, and nothing in creation can change your price tag.

Father God, thank you that we are more valuable than anything on this earth. Our worth comes from who we are in You, a daughter of the King. Impart upon us our real price tag, priceless.

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