Telling The Story

“Return home and tell how much God has done for you.”

So the man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him.
Luke 8:39 (NIV)


Hoping that your weekend was fantastic. It’s Monday, and that means we are back to working toward a gratitude attitude. 


Today, I want to tell you a story. My story. 


Using our words to tell the story of how knowing Jesus has impacted our lives is an act of gratitude, and I am grateful for the grace that God has lavished on me. I want others to know that grace as well. 


My salvation story began when I  was a little girl. I came to know Jesus when I was in elementary school, but that was the last time I walked with Him. As the result of a string of “unfortunate events,” my life fell off the tracks. Abuse led to shame and guilt and feelings of worthlessness. So, I jumped in head first looking for love and worth in all the wrong places. Years of sin led to addiction and finally, I lost everything. When I was at the end, hopeless, helpless and deeply in the midst of the consequences of my sin, God saved me. I’ll never forget being on my knees on the cold tile of the kitchen floor, weeping, “God forgive me.” That moment changed everything. God pulled me from the pit of despair and set my feet on solid ground. At that moment everything turned around.  I still had to deal with the consequences of my sin and lifestyle, but I had hope. 


Our individual stories of how God changed our lives can change the world.


In our focus scripture, Jesus is telling a man He healed from demons, to go and tell what God had done for him and the man did. He told the whole town what God had done. Jesus wants us to do the same. 


Just like the demon-possessed man, Jesus can use your story to give hope. There are people who need to hear your story. 


Someone with no hope needs to know there is hope. 


You may have a co-worker waiting to know that Jesus can change their life. 


The young woman struggling to know if she has worth needs to hear how Jesus calls her beloved.


A neighbor may need to hear how God can save us from even the worst of circumstances.


There was a time when I was scared to tell my story, any part of it! 


But then God showed me that my story is His story. 


By sharing the events that led me to my knees on the kitchen floor, a picture of His grace and forgiveness is revealed. It is sometimes scary to share your story. Will this person laugh at me? What will she think of me? I have felt the same thing. In fact, I’m pretty nervous about sharing just a tidbit of my story here, but I trust Jesus will use it to touch the heart of someone who needs to know that no matter where you have been or what you have done, Jesus loves you and wants to heal you. 


I hope you will look for an opportunity to share just a little bit about how God has changed your life with someone who needs to hear. The more you tell your story, the easier it will become, and the more people will know the love, forgiveness, and grace of God. 


Father, thank you for salvation. Thank you that no matter what we have done, that if we ask forgiveness, you will forgive. Thank you that you love us so much that you sent Your Son. Thank you that we have a story to tell. Show us today that person who needs to hear it. 

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