Dear Mom: This is the best season of your life

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite Sundays. I wake up proud to be a mother of three amazing young men, and I still have trouble believing that God allowed me to be a mom to them. Maybe the same things come to mind about being a mom to your kiddos. And maybe other times you wish time would pass faster. 



I am no expert in motherhood.  I have certainly made my share of mistakes and said “I wish I had…” too many times. God, however, had mercy on me and my children and the boys have become amazing young men despite my failures. God always uses our mess for His glory. 


A new friend once said to me, “this is the best season of your life.” That translates to, “whatever your season–new mom, middle school mom, empty nest mom or grand-mom–this is the best season of your “momdom.”” Today may not seem like the best season, and you can’t wait for the seasons to change, but try to remember where you are is the best place for you to be. Precisely where you are is where God wants you to be. 


This season may not look like a beautiful season, like snowy winters and multi-colored autumns. Maybe it’s filled with baby bottles, diapers, runny noses, and endless laundry and exhaustion, but it’s the best season right now. Your babies are growing and so are you. You probably weren’t sure you could do this “mom” thing, but you are. I know when my first son was born, I was too frightened to change his first diaper. However, those were the best days.


Moms in the season of small children, you are doing the hardest job of a mom with a seemingly small reward. Know this, God sees you. He is the God Who Sees. He saw Hagar in her wilderness, frightened and tired, and God comforted her and He wants to help you as well. You are seen


Maybe your season is ruled by school age and high school children. You may not believe this, but this is another best season of your life as a mom. Your sons and daughters are becoming little adults, learning to make hard decisions and choices and they have you to guide and protect them. This time is the best time to be a soft place to land when disappointment lands in their laps or heartache tries to crush their spirit. Proverbs 22:6 (NLT) says, “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” This particular time is the opportunity to model how God wants His children to live. This is the best season to train up children for their future.


For me, this year, these days are a good season. The is the first year in thirty years that I have not had one of my children in my home. Today, I am officially an empty-nester, but that’s not why this is a great time in my life, and it does not mean my mothering gig is over.


If you are an empty-nester, I expect you know what I mean. These years may be the best season of my motherhood career. The relationship with my boys has changed from mothering to mother. By that I mean, my job is not to guide, teach and manage their lives, but to be part of their lives. Our new relationship is a sweet  balance of mutual respect and great love. Treasure this season with your adult children, and this will be the best season of your life.


The next season on the horizon for me is as a grandmother, I hope. If you are a grandmother, you know that this season is a sweet beautiful season, and an opportunity to influence a generation. Your tender words, loving-kindness, and unconditional love for your grandchildren builds strong, confident, loving children who will become parents in the future. Of the Proverbs 31 woman scripture says, “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.” (verse 26, NLT) It was my grandmother who carried me to church and sat beside me when I first learned about Jesus. Grandmothers have influence. This is the best season of your life, grandmother, to influence generations. Be available and ready to share your wisdom and love. 


To you, Mom, this is the best season of your life, whatever that season is. As mothers, and aunts, too, we are called to a ministry of growing children and teaching them to love God and love others. That is an amazing calling that influences the world for God’s kingdom. So, this Mother’s Day we celebrate YOU, a woman in the best season of her life. 


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for making us moms, thank you for blessing us with children, even when it’s hard and we dream of the seasons to come. Comfort those moms in pain and hurting and at the end of their rope. We ask special grace for those moms waiting to be moms. Guide us to those moms that need someone that’s been where they are. We love you and trust you always. Amen. 



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