No Denying It


It’s just days away. Can you feel it? Spring is almost here. While I am writing today, I can hear birds chirping, back and forth. The sun is cresting over the trees from the east making the dew on the grass shimmer and sparkle like jewels.


There’s no denying that the seasons are changing.


Spring is my favorite time of year. To me, this miraculous change of seasons is more evidence that our Creator loves us. When I see the blue of the sky contrast perfectly with the green of the trees,


or I watch a stream of clear water gently fall over rounded moss-covered rocks,


or I watch the fragile, delicate wings of a hummingbird hover carefully above a single bloom; I know God is a loving Creator.


God is holy and perfect. He does not need trees, flowers, and sparrows returning when the days get warmer, but He does love us so much that He gives us annual evidence that what is dead becomes alive.




I’ve been asked before, “how do I know God exists?” And my response is always the same, “Look around you.”


When the leaves emerge from their hibernation and the birds start singing, and bees begin to hover over new blooms, the evidence is clear.  


If a person has never heard the gospel, Romans 1:19-20 says that God has shown everyone the evidence. God’s invisible qualities, His power, and divine attributes, are seen everywhere you look. Man is without excuse. The evidence is clear that God exists.


He created this world all for His children to enjoy. So, if spring is spreading where you are, step outside and say “Praise you” to the Creator of all things.


Thank you, Father, for creating all this beauty for us, your children, to enjoy.




What is your favorite thing that only appears during spring? Daffodils, tulip trees, azaleas?


Each year, I am thankful when the dogwood tree in our front yard blooms. Overnight the tree is covered with bright white flowers that never seem to last long enough. But the tree has a deeper meaning for me. There is a legend that says the tree is a reminder of the day Jesus was crucified. My grandmother told me the story, and I have shared the same with my boys. You’ve probably heard it as well.


It is said that the dogwood tree once grew straight and strong like a mighty oak. The tree was so strong that it was chosen for the cross. The tree was distressed at being chosen as the means to crucify Jesus. So, in His mercy, Jesus forgave the tree and told the tree that since you have shared in my suffering, you will never again grow strong but will be slender and thin and never be used for a cross. As a further reminder, the blooms are cross-shaped, two long, two short, with rust blood stained tips and in the center is a crown of thorns. All this so that those who see the dogwood tree will be reminded of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross.


This beautiful season reminds us that God loves his children so much that not only did He create this magnificent planet but He also sent His only Son to die on a cross making the ultimate sacrifice for us, for you. As if that wasn’t enough, Jesus overcame death, and after three days in the grave, He arose.  Hallelujah!!


All this for His children. There’s no denying it. You are loved.




Father, God, Creator, thank you for changes to the seasons and to our hearts. Your love is evident in every flower and leaf that appears each spring. Help us to know your presence as we enjoy your creation.


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